Ioan Opriș

Prof.Dr. Ioan Opriș is not only one of the most prominent and visible professors of the Doctoral School of Valahia University of Târgoviște, where he supervises doctorates with exceptional results which raised his status on the national and international level, but it is also the most important personality of the Romanian museology and one of the most erudite and capable historians. As a professor and doctoral supervisor of “Valahia” University of Târgovişte, Prof.Dr. Ioan Opris continued and developed the didactic and scientific activity of eminent historian Radu Florescu, prematurely disappeared from us, and succeeded in raising the historical and museography studies, especially the doctoral ones, to a level which is unanimously appreciated in Romania and abroad. His scientific and didactic activity in this latter field, essential for the historical memory of the Romanian nation, gave our university and research center the status of absolute authority at national level. Researchers and museographers from all over the country, from the most important museums and museums, seek the scientific coordination of the best Romanian specialist, Ioan Opris. Signatory of more than 30 scientific books as the sole author on key aspects of historical knowledge, Professor Opris has also supervised other dozens of books which he has introduced in the mandatory bibliography of its domain. Hundreds of scientific articles bear his name and contribute to the refreshment of historical science. Numerous exhibitions made and itinerated in the country and abroad and the fruitful contributions to the founding, development of museums and laboratories in Romania, starting with one of the exponential institutions of our country, Cotroceni National Museum (opened on December 27, 1991), which owes its existence to Prof. Opriș, and the National History Museum of Romania, where he had been active for a number of years, were the result of his impressive research and heritage protection activity. His contribution to the protection and valorisation at the governmental and ministerial level of the heritage is a telling evidence of the impact and prestige he enjoys. His merits were also acknowledged at national level (he was awarded the “George Oprescu” Romanian Academy Award in 1994, the Knight Order in 2002, etc.) and abroad (he was, for example, decorated with the “Stela de la Solidarieta Italiana” Order as a senior officer).

CV Ioan Opriș (Romanian)
Doctor Honoris Causa
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