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An Overview on Sculpture Conservation: Case-Studies

Ana Bidarra The presentation will focus on sculpture conservation, based on various case-studies of objects restored in the Bachelor’s and Master’s classes in Sculpture Conservation at the Conservation and Restoration Degree of the Polytechnic...


The Golden Age of the Portuguese Art

By Teresa Desterro The era of Portuguese Discoveries, particularly the first half of the Sixteenth century, stands as a beacon of brilliance and innovation in Portuguese art. Reigning during this epoch, King Manuel I...


Finland’s Road to NATO Membership

First Baltic&Nordic Monthly Lecture By Kari Alenius, University of Oulu On-site at: Valahia University of TargovisteInstitute of Multidisciplinary Research for Science and TechnologyAleea Sinaia 13, Targoviste Online at: Zoom Meeting ID: 848 4756 2089.Password:...


Lithuanian Politics of Memory since 1918

Valahia University of Targoviste, in collaboration with the Department of History, “Grigore Gafencu” Research Center for the History of International Relations and Cultural Heritage and the Romanian Association for Baltic and Nordic Studies, is...


Heritage, Science, and Technologies for Sustainable Preservation

The First Annual International KreativEU Conference, under the theme “Heritage, Science, and Technologies for Sustainable Preservation,” organized by Valahia University of Targoviste and the Knowledge & Creativity European University marks a significant milestone in...


The Romanian-Serbian Relations in the Middle Ages

Valahia University of Targoviste extends a warm invitation to all interested individuals for the forthcoming International Seminar on “The Romanian-Serbian Relations in the Middle Ages.” Event Details: Agenda: Our seminar aims to unravel the...


Hegemons, warlords, and refugees

The 13th international conference on Baltic and Nordic studies Argument What is the legacy of the hegemonic pursuits of warlords that were drafted from among the Viking raiders, the German knights, the Scandinavian and...

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