Our history

The research center was set up in 2004 within the Department of History of Valahia University of Târgoviște, Romania. The two laboratories of the center were initially separated and reunited in 2017 in a common organisation. In mid 2010s the center also integrated a Cultural Studies Laboratories which eventually separated and joined another research structure of the university. The first director of the center was Prof. Ion Stanciu (2004-2013) who retired and was replaced by Prof. Silviu Miloiu.

The center proudly bears the name of Romanian astute, brilliant and visionary diplomat Grigore Gafencu (1892-1957), one of the foremost Romanian diplomats, foreign ministers and a pioneer of the European unity. 

The center was involved in several research grants founded by international and national bodies and contributing to essential developments in the fields in which it acts. It also hosted prestigious scientific conferences and publishes in cooperation with Cetatea de Scaun Publishing House its own journal, Valahian Journal of Historical Studies, which is one of the finest Romanian historical periodical and is included in international databases such as Ebsco, CEEOL, etc.

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