Iulian Oncescu

Assoc.Professor Dr.Hab. Iulian Oncescu is the head of Laboratory of International Relations. He has received a Ph.D. title from the „Ștefan cel Mare” University of Suceava and the second one from University Castilla La Mancha – Ciudad Real, Spain. He has been awarded the prestigious Romanian Academy „Nicolae Bălcescu” Award in 2012 and has been beneficiary of mobilities and fellowships in France and Spain. He is doing extensive investigations in the field of Romanian diplomacy during the Modern Age, Romanian-Spanish and Romanian-French Bonds during the 18th and the long 19th century.  His most recent research project develops his latest Ph.D. thesis entitled The Romanians in the Westerners’ Travelogues (18th century) /Los rumanos en las memorias de viaje de los occidentales (siglo XVIII).

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