East Central Europe Region Studies

East Central Europe Region Studies (ECERS) Master programme offers a multidisciplinary approach to the puzzling, controversially and simultaneously fascinating ongoing, recent and past developments inside of a region once nicknamed the powder keg of Europe.

The result of cooperation between four European universities (University of Helsinki and University of Oulu – Finland, University of Tartu – Estonia and Izmir University of Economics – Turkey, the ECERS takes a broad and fresh perspective of the political, IR, economic, social, cultural and environmental regional developments.

The curriculum focuses on the dynamic regional changes offering insightful and up-to-date theoretical, methodological and practical knowledge. The programme will foster creativity and innovation spirit as well as the capacity to conduct original research and write quality analytical essays and reports with respect to East-Central European region.

We place a special emphasis on employability of our graduates. The skills acquired during the MA programme will help successfully competing for careers such as foreign relations referents & experts, assistant professors, business personnel specialized on Central and Eastern Europe, international officials, government officials, civil servants, diplomats, consultants and policy analysts, employees in cultural institutions, magazines or newspapers reporters, European and Euro-Atlantic institutions officials, UN officials, euro-advisers, NGOs leaders and consultants, teachers in secondary education.

“That’s why ECERS is an investment in your future!”

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