Doctoral students

The Doctoral School of Valahia University of Târgoviște is a leading Romanian institution of research and development with fresh and insightful doctoral investigations relevant at national and international level. The aim of the Doctoral School is to train researchers demonstrating strong intellectual motivation, possessing cognitive autonomy skills and abilities, exceling in the field of historical or archaeological research, proving originality in dealing with the chosen subject and the ability to communicate the results achived both in writing or orally. The Doctoral School also aims to develop the PhD students’ ability to identify the research problem and develop a subject of independent research, design well-crafted and appropriate research methodologies, carefully identify bibliographic sources by critically assessing their content and message, discover, rigorously analyze and adequately capitalize on the historical and archaeological sources with which they operate. The doctoral school provides the PhD students with research infrastructure, access to bibliographic resources, training activities and publishing opportunities in the fields of history and archeology in order to facilitate the formation of skills and abilities needed to meet the performance criteria. The doctoral students activate also under the umbrella of „Grigore Gafencu” Research Center.

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