Year I

  • An Introduction to Area Studies with a focus on East-Central Europe
  • An Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
  • Sustainable development in East-Central Europe
  • Research methodology in Area Studies
  • The International Relations in East-Central Europe from the Vienna Congress to World War I
  • The Political History of East-Central Europe from the Mid-l9th Century to the Aftermath of the Second World War
  • Geopolitics and Energy Security in East-Central Europe
  • Economic structure and reforms in the Baltic Sea Region
  • State genesis in Central and Eastern Europe (9th to 14th centuries)
  • The history of writing and printing in East-Central Europe

Year II

  • International relations in East-Central Europe in the 20th century and beyond
  • Communist Regimes in East-Central Europe
  • From Eastern Enlargement towards European integration
  • Communism in Romania: ideology and practices
  • The foreign policy of Romania in the 20th century between Idealism and Realism
  • Discourse as a form of social practice within the context of globalization
  • National minorities in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Research practice
  • Dissertation thesis writing
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