Call for papers

Deadline: 10 August 2019.

International workshop

University ‘Valahia’ of Târgoviște, Romania

6 September 2019

Traditionally, Cold War was regarded as a political, ideological, military, economic, strategic or political conflict between the capitalist and democratic West, on the on hand, and the communist and non-democratic East, on the other. Benefiting from the opening of archives, both in Eastern Europe and elsewhere, an increasing body of literature has begun to notice and study more and more instances of cooperation and collaboration between the East and the West.        

The aim of this event is to bring together established, senior and junior scholars and researchers from a variety of fields and perspectives (Cold War Studies, International relations, foreign policy, political sciences, history, economics, media studies etc.) to foster discussion on East-West contacts, whether they were characterized by conflict, competition, mistrust, trade, cooperation or compromise.   

The event is organized by the ‘Valahia’ University of Târgoviște, Romania, and by the Grigore Gafencu Research Center of the same university.

It invites papers (and panel of papers) on topics such as:

  • East-West contacts (commercial, cultural, political relations etc.);
  • CMEA-EEC relations;
  • CMEA intrabloc relations;
  • Romania’s foreign policy in the Cold War;
  • Etc.

The deadline for sending proposals: 10 August 2019.

Language of the event: English and French.

Please send your proposals (and inquiries) to: dragomir_elena2005 (at) .

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