The Romanian cultural heritage from abroad: what can be done to ensure its preservation?

While Romanian heritage within the country’s current borders benefits from the protection and support of the Romanian state, specialists, and civil society to some extent, albeit limited due to a number of legislative, administrative, social, and financial flaws and constraints, Romanian heritage outside the country is little known in the country and is largely exposed to the conditions and limited possibilities of Romanian communities living in neighboring countries and the local polity. In these circumstances, many monuments that have a patrimonial connection to Romanian communities or the Romanian state – in the case of territories detached from Romania as a result of the Hitler-Stalin Pact – face major preservation, conservation, and restoration challenges that locals and authorities in neighboring countries are unable to address due to the limited resources available to them. This conference serves two general goals that are mutually beneficial. On the one hand, it aims to contribute to the knowledge of this heritage in Romania, as well as at the European and international levels, and on the other, it seeks to find and identify the necessary resources to support the efforts of Romanian communities and states on whose territory it is located to preserve and pass on this important heritage that is part of the European common heritage.

Valahia University of Targoviste, 5-7 May 2022

In honorem proffesor Ioan Opris – annorum octoginta anniversario

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